Are you ready for practical solutions for the challenges you face caring for your senior parents?

Isn’t it time to get the answers you need, all in one place, to ensure you are giving and getting the best care to your parents and yourself?

Are you ready to save time, money, and feel less overwhelm from care giving?

Boomers faced with aging parents can have a rewarding journey helping their elderly parents – let me show you how.


Virtually all of us, at one time or another find ourselves responsible for the continuing care of our parents. We are rarely prepared to make that shift from a child relying on a parent for guidance and counsel to the child supporting the daily needs and decisions of those parents.

The Practical Expert™ – Help With Aging Parents is for you if you see yourself in any one of the following:

  • Adult child caregiver who is wondering how to keep your sanity, emotional balance, stay financially afloat and feel as little guilt as possible while caring for your aging parents.
  • Boomer who is looking for solutions to improve the quality of their own lives.
  • Service providers for quality, Real Life Solutions for Seniors and Aging Parents wanting to improve/maintain independence and quality of life – through every stage of aging.
  • A Senior who is looking for options and choices which will allow you to continue to live independently.
  • Finding the ‘system’ incomplete and having to search in multiple places and want it all in one place.

This website is all about finding Solutions and the right Tools for YOU to be able to care for yourself, your family and your aging parents or a senior with less guilt, with less frustration, being able to access the services you need more easily and sooner, how to organize/plan/and assess things from this moment and forward that can make any difficult situation much more manageable and less daunting.

Receive the services you are entitled too, know the multitude of options that no one tells you, gain the knowledge on how to help your aging parents maintain their independence as long as possible, and learn how to deal with family and personal issues as you become more and more of a care giver.

Check out the numerous e-books under Elder Care Books to discover a wide variety of books with  very practical approaches to help you in your particular situation.     

Purchase your copy of "Senior Adult Daily Living Skills Assessment Tool"   Purchase your copy of "235 Helpful Home Accommodations & Adaptations for Senior Adults"   Purchase your copy of "40 Life-Enhancing Tips for Your Aging Parents"

A book you really need is Real Life Solutions to Help Care for Aging Parents, which is a comprehensive information and work book for use any where you are in the care giving journey. With tools, templates, checklists, answers to how to create a better quality of life, home accommodations, dealing with family issues, residential options and how to choose one, financial organization and pre-burial planning, nutrition, health issues, and so much more.

Purchase your copy of "Real Life Solutions to Help Care For Aging Parents" Real Life Solutions to Help Care for Aging Parents is meant to be used over and over again, to be written in, to be shared with family, to be used to get the most out of medial care/insurance/State funding/agencies that the senior is entitled to – you can save some major money and get more services with the knowledge you’ll gain! I can assure you… I’ve walked in your shoes in caring for my parents and relatives as a single mom and though I worked in the business, even I found the journey difficult. That experience fuels my passion that your journey will NOT be as difficult and that everyone’s quality of life will be better because of the materials I can now provide.

My Guarantee to you:  Everything I have created and written is practical, to-the-point, and meant to be used. I expect it to be written on, the corners folded down for reference. It was designed to be used repeatedly – no matter where you begin your starting point as a caregiver to your loved one.

Click here to try a free 15 min consult with me or a laser focused strategy session that you’ll leave with a practical comprehensive plan to implement right away.

I will bring the best of my experiences to the table as we discuss your specific situation. When your loved ones are depending on you, you need someone to depend on too. That’s what I’m here for.

Working with The Practical Expert™, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess a senior’s living needs and how to best meet them – whether it is at home, in assisted living, a nursing home, living with you and other options.
  • How to shift toward understanding why it’s not only OK but vital that you “put on your own mask first” and take care of your own well-being. You can’t care well for others if you don’t take care of you first.  This is hard to do sometimes, we’ll show you how to ‘have a life’ vs. just surviving.
  • How to express your feelings, knowing you don’t have to feel guilt or wonder if you are doing the right thing in how you are or are not helping your aging parents or senior adult – we’ve got tools, tips and ways to make the care-giving journey much less difficult.
  • How to make this a positive and special time in your relationship with your loved one, instead of a stressful, frightening or depressing one.
  • How to deal with siblings and the “who does more” trap, or when siblings do not agree.
  • How to manage legal and financial responsibilities such as burial and estate considerations.
  • How to best manage eating and food choices – knowing nutrition is critical during this life’s timeline; the knowledge you glean here can often have far-reaching benefits both to you as the caregiver and the one whom you are nurturing.

Perhaps you are still in a bit of a quandary and need time to sort out your thoughts and really assess your upcoming needs. To help you through that process, I would like to encourage you to sign-up for your discount and then check out all of the products to see what can meet your needs best.

We encourage seniors and aging parents to look over our products, articles, and sign-up for a discussion to answer questions to make your life easier.

Quality of life for them – Peace of mind for you™